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Welcome to the Never Idle forums!


Discord was meant as a free alternative to Skype, Teamspeak, Mumble or IRC channels.

The idea being it was easier to grab all of your friends in a single place, talk to one another while playing games and have the option of attaching text or pictures to complement what you're doing.

Over time our community has grown, and Discord started to resemble an old style forum where an ever increasing amount of channels were made for individual topics (because that was only way to ensure everything stayed in one spot).

Discord does have its advantages due to just being able to text and receive replies quickly and instantly, however, the cost is a confused user base that simply doesn't know where to post their information, or worst yet, doesn't want to spend hours each day scrolling a channel in the hope of finding a relevant reply to a question from the night before.

Because of all of these factors we have decided to step back, assess the growing needs and growth of our community and re-implement forums.

Forums are not a complete replacement for Discord. The idea being Discord will be used for rolling conversations and notifying everyone directly. These forums will be used for conversations that require more structure and order.

You are under no obligation to use them, just like you are under no obligation to use Discord. We ask you to get involved with the community and the games you play as much as you're prepared.

The same rules apply there as anywhere else; you're expected to be friendly and show respect, no excessive spam or any harassment either publicly or via the private message system.

Thanks again for all of your patience, if you notice you can see areas of the forum which you don't think you should, or you find something is broken, please let us know as soon as you can to keep our community safe.

Much love,
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Fri Oct 25, 2019 12:59 pm

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