[OPEN] Division Leader - Clash Royale (Global Team)

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Division Leader - Clash Royale (Global Team)

Job Status: Open
Job Level: Entry
Location: Remote
Contract: Volunteer, Part-time

We are looking for a Division Leader for our Clash Royale (Global Team). This position is volunteer, part time with a chance to grow and receive compensation based on performance and organizational needs. This Division Leader will report directly to our Chief Operating Officer.

The ideal candidate must be passionate about the game, in the loop of the upcoming updates and changes while adhering to Never Idle Gaming’s goals and policies.

1. First point of contact for minor concerns and issues
2. Ensure no team members are in violation of sponsorship or branding terms (competing products)
3. Help new players get settled and involved in our community management tools
4. Work alongside the team to scout new team members when necessary
5. Complete monthly checks on all players, and input status in to tracking spreadsheets, ensuring all personal information is up to date (such as social media links and contact info)
6. Work alongside our Social Media manager by providing information and news about the team and it’s progression

1. Age: 21 Minimum
2. Decent level of written and spoken English
3. Proficient with Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel

1. Current passport and ability to obtain visa/ETSA as needed to travel internationally (for competitions if applicable)
2. Experience with Adobe Photoshop or Serif Affinity
3. Understanding of social media, how to engage and grow with audiences

Interested? Or just want to talk about it?
Message on Discord - @UniToxic#0520
Or mail us - mail@wereneveridle.com
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